Content is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Over 86% of marketers attest to the power of content marketing, and customers today consume content faster than you can blink. With a digital space heavily saturated with content from all industries, it can be difficult for any one brand or entity to stand out. This is why content analytics are important. Today's marketing arena is highly digital, and all content professionals know the importance of tracking and measuring performance. Content analytics makes this possible by providing content teams with data. In modern marketing strategies, data is king, and it can help create engaging and effective campaigns.  With data at your disposal, you can have more informed business decisions and elevate the way you conceptualise and produce content. Here's how content analytics can work for you:

What are content analytics?

Content analytics are data. When content is posted on the Internet, it starts gathering information from machines and audiences alike. The technologies used to gather and process these pieces of data give valuable insight on what consumers want and need from your brand. There are many different metrics used to make up content analytics. Page views, click-through rates, and likes are some of the standard metrics that go into your analytics. However, this can go even deeper. Factors such as customer sentiments and perceptions can be measured and analysed through content analytics.  By leveraging content analytics, you can have a more holistic view of what makes your target audiences tick. Your content and campaigns will have a far better chance of resonating with them as the data does not lie. Additionally, you can even predict potential consumer behavior.  To successfully leverage content analytics, you need the right tools in place. ZYM, for example, our content management platform, has an easy to navigate content analytics dashboard where you can see all the content you upload across your platforms. You can get at-a-glance insights on your content’s performance, as well as an opportunity to get a deeper look into what these insights mean.

The benefits of leveraging content analytics

Your content analytics can be the cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy. It can elevate your content performance to greater heights, potentially making your brand more visible on the digital space. However, it does not stop there. Here's what content analytics can do for your brand:

Provides actionable metrics

Content analytics can show you how your content performs across multiple platforms. By studying metrics, you see what platform is best for the type of content you produce. You will also be able to see how audiences respond to your content through engagement rates. By knowing these metrics, you can replicate high-performing content and post it on the platforms that you are most successful on.

Boosts alignment for your team

With the right data points in place, your team has access to the information they need to strategise. Each team member can know exactly what your strong points are, as well as key areas that can be improved. This will help your team stay aligned and drive them towards the same goals.

Supplement your content marketing strategy

As mentioned, content analytics provide key information needed to create effective content. A strong content marketing strategy hinges on content that not only engages with your target audience, but also resonates with them at a much deeper level. If your content is able to successfully reach your target audience and resonate with them, you are more likely to get a conversion. Additionally, key data points will help you find the content that works best for your brand. You can use this information when producing future pieces of content and optimise the way each post performs on the digital space.

Allow for real-time decision making with smart insights

Data-driven decisions tend to be more beneficial for your brand. With content analytics in place, you can make informed key business decisions, especially when it comes to your marketing strategy. Additionally, you will have your finger on the pulse of your target audience, which will help you connect with them even more deeply.

How to actually leverage content analytics for your brand

A variety of metrics go into content analytics. Some of the most commonly used and analysed metrics are sharing metrics, consumption metrics, engagement rates, and lead metrics. The type of data you analyse will typically be based on your content marketing goals.  This is why narrowing down SMART goals is crucial for your content strategy. Here is how you can leverage your analytics to achieve those SMART goals.

Make use of content tools

Content analytics can get overwhelming, especially because there could be a lot of data to sift through. By using content tools, you can view the data in an organised manner, making it easier to study and analyse. ZYM, for example, is an all-in-one platform for content management and analytics. You can plan and post your content, as well as track and measure their performance across your platforms.

Use data to refine your customer persona

With data from your content analytics, you can have deeper insight into what your customers want and need. As mentioned, your content analytics can show you customer sentiment and perception. When you begin a content strategy, you may already have a customer persona in place. The data you get from your content analytics will help you further refine your customer persona, and this will help you develop content that resonates with your audiences.

Measure, track, and apply results

Content analytics give you data you can take action on. See how you can further optimise your content marketing strategy by measuring your content performance. Incorporate the results into your overall content strategy and watch it improve significantly. Good content is a science. You can conceptualise and produce content that works for your brand by leveraging content analytics. See how ZYM can help you with its intuitive content dashboard.

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