Why Strategy is so important for small businesses

Are you the owner of a small business? Do you want to skyrocket your success for 2022 and the years ahead?  Developing a detailed marketing strategy can help you do just this. Through thorough research, goal setting and planning, you can ensure that your marketing will help you work towards your business goals and aims.  Having a 1 year, 3 year and even 5 year marketing strategy can help you: ●    Increase sales and conversions ●    Increase brand awareness on a large scale ●    Expand your customer base ●    Become a leader in your industry But why is a strategy a key to success for small businesses? Read on to find out…

Planning is Vital

Almost every successful small business has something in common – they have planned their success. They know their strengths, their weaknesses, their competitors strengths and weaknesses and they know what they are going to do to position themselves as industry leaders. Taking that time at the start to plan your business strategy and your marketing strategy, allows you to hit the ground running, having fully accounted for the different variables which can increase or put a stop to your success.

Keeps it relevant

By creating a full marketing strategy, you can ensure all of the marketing that you do fits in with your overall goals, and is helping you work towards that success. This means that you won’t be wasting time, money and resources on anything that won’t help you succeed. Whether that means stopping ads in a publication that isn’t resulting in conversions, or wasting time targeting an audience that isn’t interested, by developing and monitoring a complex marketing strategy, you can keep on top of everything that is being created and ensure it meets the business goals.

Incorporates all audiences and products

When you are developing your strategy, you can ensure that you are including all your target audiences, and including campaigns for each of these. Whether it’s your current customers, your potential customers or even expanding out into new audiences that you’ve not targeted before, your strategy will touch on them all, reducing the chance that you will lose any customers or miss out on vital target audiences. Similarly, it also ensures you are including all products or services in your marketing.

Measure Success

One of the best things about having a marketing strategy is that it allows you to easily measure the success of your marketing. As you’re setting your business goals, create measurable KPIs that you can track, and check on them each quarter so that you can ensure you are on track to meet the year's aims.

Makes sure everyone is on the same page

Having a marketing strategy that the whole business is aligned with, ensures that all of your employees are on the same page. You all know what the year’s goals are, and you can all work together in order to meet them, and hopefully exceed them! 

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